Kelly Clarkson over Gwen Stefani
WHY?! Gwen is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. Her solo album rocked. Come on grammy voters I like kelly too but it was Gwen's year.


Home sick
So I just got a visit from my mom, sister, and dad (stepdad). They got here while I was attending my first class. I didn't know they were coming. So it was such a sweet surprise.
My mom bought my cell phone charger that I had left at home when I came back from break, now my phone is working again. I learned one important thing from this situation. I should really learn more phone numbers so I can call people other than my mom, grandmother, anut, and my sister. I even had a hard time calling home because my parents just got a new number. It's true,
I'm lost without my cell phone.
I had a pretty great day. Didn't attend any of the rest of my classes but I spent some time with my family and it was awesome.
Sometimes I really wished I would have just went to UWF for one or two years and then transferred whereever.
I miss home. I wish i could have went home for the weekend.
I don't have any classes tomorrow. My Chem lab was cancelled.

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I meet your proposition
With opposition
You told me you would take your love away
You told me you wouldn't care either way

It was a part your plan
To make me care for this man
A man of imaginative creation
A mystical demon, an angelic relic of forever

You meet my opposition
with rage and forceful caresses
with wishful think that there would be another day
with painful cries, you arised

It was a part of your plan
To make me love this man
A man of imaginative creation
A mystical demon, an angelic relic of forever

You arose
and fell quickly with unintentional surprise
Your caresses became chants of sorrowful mourning
And you thought

It was all a part of the plan
to create a gentle loving man
A man imaginative creation
A mystical fiend,of angelic aura

And I thought
without emotion
for I was emotional absent
for a extended time

It was a part of your plan
To make me love this man
A man of imaginative creation
A mystical demon, an angelic relic of forever

What do you think? I would like to have some comments about this piece.harsh criticism is welcomed.

First day of classes
First day of classes, a fresh new start for the semester, great schedule. off to school at 10:10 and out by 3:20, only MWF classes. awesome. Have a great day everyone.

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So I went around the corner on the way to the store to pick up supplies for my mom who is cooking christmas dinner tonight and what do I see

... a line of cars watching my neighbors christmas lights that are synchronized to 103.3 FM. The lights react to each song and they are pretty spectacular. And a little funny because of the songs being played. There are tons of kids and adults watching the lights from their cars and listening to 103.3 FM.

If your in the neighborhood Cove street off 9 mile stop by and see the lights. It's a Christmas delight.
Happy Holidays again.

Happy Holidays
It's almost here. It's almost here. I'm squealing with joy.
Is it strange that I still thoroughly enjoy Christmas even more than when I was a little kid?
...I think it's the fact that I can leave at any moment.(what a joy)

Well,Happy holidays to all and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Hope to see some of you after Christmas for lunch or a movie.

a little amused
The Eco-Politically Correct "Twelve Days of Christmas"

ON THE TWELFTH DAY of the Eurocentrically imposed midwinter festival, my "Significant Other" in a consenting adult, monogamous relationship presented to me, with the expectation of receiving similar-valued merchandise in return:

TWELVE Percussionists connecting with their "inner warrior" through ritualistic pounding on cylinders topped with the stretched hides of cruelly slain bovines,

ELEVEN Members of the Pipers Union earning their living (plus an 18-member pit orchestra consisting of members in good standing of the Musicians Equity Union as required in their contract even though they will not be asked to play a note),

TEN melanin-deprived, testosterone-poisoned Scions of the Patriarchal Ruling Class springing athletically in Step Aerobics Class,

NINE Culturally Advantaged Females in formal attire moving in rhythmic, physical, artistic self-expression to musical accompaniment,

EIGHT disadvantaged Rural Young Women, extracting (through economic pressure) lactose products from enslaved Bovine-Americans,

SEVEN endangered Swans a-swimming on federally protected wetlands while being relentlessly pursued by barbarous NRA supporters,

SIX enslaved long-necked Fowl-Americans honking in obvious protest to the affront of being made to produce non-right-to-life ova for human consumption,

FIVE Golden Symbols of culturally sanctioned enforced mutual monogamy,

(NOTE: After the Animal Liberation Front threatened with prosecution, the Calling Birds, French Hens and Partridge have been reintroduced to their native habitat. To avoid further Animal-American enslavement, my Significant Other has revised the remaining items of the midwinter package as follows:)

FOUR hours of recorded Whale Songs,

THREE Sierra Club Calendars printed on recycled reprocessed tree carcasses,

TWO endangered Sea Turtle website addresses,

and a "Save-the-Spotted-Owl" activist chaining himself to an old-growth Pear Tree!

p.s. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Felice Navidad. Oh, heck! -- Happy Holidays!!*

* Unless, of course, you're suffering from Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD). If this be the case, please substitute this gratuitous call for celebration with a suggestion that you have a "thoroughly adequate December."

Nip/Tuck and the signs
Last night's finale was so awesome. I loved it. Nip/Tuck is the only show that I watch every week and I can't wait for season four. Did anyone else see it?

But on to something different, awhile ago i was on-line and on my homepage
there was a link to this article by NAncy Fenn titled "Which Signs Are the Best Drivers? And the Worst?" The article is so true I think and a little weird.

Worst to Best:
#1 Gemini
#2 Taurus
#3 Pisces
#4 Virgo
#5 Cancer
#6 Aquarius
#7 Aries
#8 Libra
#9 Leo
#10 Sagittarius
#11 Scorpio
#12 Capricorn
Where do you fall?
I'm a Sagittarius and I hardly think I'm a good driver but

Safe Sagittarius

Sagittarians may stay safe in their cars the same way they do in life, by having superbly developed higher minds. Another name for this mind is intuition. The highly developed sense of flow and good timing characteristic of Sagittarians is what makes them the lucky sign. Furthermore, their minds are right at home dealing with traffic patterns, flow and spatial relations

and my sister is a Capricorn and her driving completely scares me but it totally pegged my mom who is a gemini.

Restless Geminis Behind the Wheel

The number one worst drivers were Geminis, "typically described as restless, easily bored and frustrated by things moving slowly," explained Warren Duke, Suncorp's national manager of personal insurance. "They had more car accidents than any other sign."

I wish someone would tell my insurance company that I'm a good driver so my rates go down. I'm not really into astrology but a lot of it rings true. I don't know if I believe or not this is just a little tidbit that has been on my mind.

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obviously I'm bored to the point of insanity. Let's go out someone. I need to escape now that I've gotten enough sleep.


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